Lover of the less explored, that’s the motto of Andy Austin, world-renowned traveling photographer and content creator. Andy grew up in the mountains and plains of Montana and has since photographed over 50 countries on all 7 continents, capturing breathtaking images that inspire wanderlust in others. Over the last decade, Andy has worked with tourism boards around the world, including Colombia, Georgia (the country), Ireland, and many state and regional tourism boards, to tell their story. He also has an impressive brand client list that ranges from Ram Trucks, North Face, Travel and Leisure, Benchmade, and many more.


Beyond his work as a photographer, Andy also uses his influence of over 200,000 dedicated followers to promote responsible tourism practices and to raise awareness about important social and environmental issues. Through his travels, Andy has witnessed the positive impact that tourism can have on local communities and strives to support and promote sustainable travel.